Love Your Face Mask

Love Your Face Mask are OPEN and working as normal. The postal service and couriers are very busy at the moment, next working day deliveries are taking longer in some areas. Please be patient.


Love Your Face Mask appreciate feedback from clients and customers alike on our products and services. Our ethos is to provide excellent and fast customer service with a quality protective product.
'The wall mounted dispensers are a god send! we don’t have the room for anything bigger, I was worried about the mess just having a bottle at the till might create. But the dispensers saved me a lot of hassle and they were really affordable'
Small Business Owner
'I purchased two floor standing dispensers for the warehouse as business has picked back up so we’ve got more people in and this has saved off a lot of issues with the pumps on bottled sanitiser getting stuck a certain amount of uses – afterwork was great checked in after 3 weeks to see if we needed any additional hand sanitiser’
Warehouse Manager
‘I ordered floor standing dispensers and desk mounted dispensers, delivery was fast. Came fully assembled, easy to change the battery. Noticed there’s been less crowding at the entrance. I will certainly look to order more'
HR for an International Bank
‘The mask detection camera has really helped us it gets rid of the need of someone asking customers to make sure they’re wearing masks before entering. It also alerts everyone to who isn’t following the rules. I do really think there’s a need for it’
Supervisor at a Local Shopping Mall
'We ordered wall mounted one dispensers and the smaller version of the floor standing versions. We have these customised ones to encourage the children to clean their hands. One outside every classroom fuss free, we love them'
Assistant Headmaster at a Local Primary School
‘I use a disposable mask every time I go food shopping or to drop my daughter off at work. I brought a pack for the whole family- they are easy to use and I don’t feel like I have it on’
‘The masks came quickly and are great for food shopping or if I have to do an essential trip. It saves me and my husband from worrying so much especially at our age'
Brenda Holmes
Retired home maker
‘I feel more protected and confident in my safety when delivering to customers or having to have face to face interaction. Thankyou love your face mask’
DHL delivery courier
‘I feel safer with the mask on taking our daily walk with the children. I know this reduces the risk I have from going out and its very easy to use’
Full time parent
‘Love your face mask sent me a vast quantity of masks for my clients and to protect myself whilst I am treating them. Greatly appreciated in the current climate!'
‘Very fast delivery and friendly customer service- we could not get these masks in bulk however Love Your Face Mask delivered us a large quantity on next day delivery for the residents and our workers to stay safe. Would absolutely recommend’
Care Home Manager
‘I needed these masks for clients, once I am able to perform treatments again. I always bulk buy and donated my last supply out. I was struggling getting these and at a reasonable price as I have a long client waiting list. I am happy I have these ready for when my business reopens and I am safe in the knowledge it will keep me safe'
‘The demand for food delivery is so high to those self-isolating and I felt I must help out being fit and well. I approached Love Your Face Mask for some masks for myself and the other volunteers and their service was impeccable’
‘This company really looked after me on a large bulk order for my factories work force. I was finding it difficult to place such a large order and not be ripped off- I have already pre ordered for next month as I have to keep the safety of my workers as my main focus of the business currently'
Factory Owner & Business Man
‘The PPE masks were delivered to us and have really helped keep our nurses and staff safe in this time. We were short on these and this company were able to resolve our issue immediately. Would thoroughly recommend’
Triage receptionist
‘The masks are well made and make me feel protected on my travels to and around work. I can dispose of them after and have plenty more left for the rest of the month at a price I can afford’
Bus Driver
‘I can visit my service users who are lonely and vulnerable at the moment whilst being protected. I have a spare box in my car and change it for each person I care for! It makes me feel safer to return home to my family at the end of the day'
Care Worker for the elderly
‘I have bulk brought masks for after this COVID-19 is over and I can return to my business. The price beats my usual supplier so I will continue to order with them for myself- I have enough spare to give clients the option to have one also'
Aesthetics Practioner
‘My mum and dad both have underlying health conditions and are isolating. I have been having sleepless nights worrying about passing on the virus. I am taking every precaution possible and I am so much happier to have my box of masks when I need to drop their food delivery off. It makes me more settled'
Web Analyst
‘I am constantly outdoors as a keyworker, my family and friends are terrified I may catch something but now I have a daily mask they are a lot more reassured’
Post woman
‘We ordered the masks as an extra precaution- although we have screens I feel so much safer at work as a receptionist as a Doctors practise in case I am passed anything on’
Receptionist at a Doctors Surgery